SYMBIOSIS: my masters graduate exhibition

Symbiosis the relationship between the body and adornment.
Masters Graduate Exhibition: 2007

Symbiosis is a close ecological relationship between the individuals of two (or more) different species. Sometimes, a symbiotic relationship benefits both species. Sometimes however, one species benefits at the other’s expense, and in other cases neither species benefit.

Symbiosis, in relation to my masters of contemporary arts project, is a collection of adornment inspired by Tasmania fungus and saprophytes and its relationship with its environment. I have replaced fungus with adornment and the environment with the body. These works aim to redefine jewellery as simple objects of desire and create adornment that relates to the part of the body it belongs to by feeding or growing from it. The work is part of the wearer and not just an item that is worn for decoration.

Venue: s.p.a.c.e. gallery. Scotch Oakburn College
Opening Night: Friday 15 June. Exhibition continues till 29 June 2007

A BIG thankyou must go to: David Hamilton (supervisor), Adrian, Melissa Smith, Mar Gomez, Leon Brady, Louise Thrush, Nick Wylie (opening night performer), Fletchers, Scotch Oakburn, UTAS sculpture and photography departments, and the QVMAG graphics department for your inkind support.